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Project Life Cycle 

We usually keep outsourcing to the minimum such that almost all services are provided by us in our bid to implement a “one–stop” solution principle and keep costs down. Where necessary, Partner Consultants rather than External Consultants are engaged. These are organisations with whom we have established close working relationships over the years. In e ect, we coordinate the entire project in one single large team, keeping communication seamless.

Our approach to ensuring e cient and e ective delivery of the above services is a strict adherence to our Stages A-M Project Life Cycle as follows: 

Stages A&B              Appraisal Site Analysis & Strategic Brief 

Stage C                    Outline Proposals

Stage D                    Detailed Proposals

Stage E                    Final Design Proposals

Stage F                    Production (Construction) Information 

Stage G                    Tender Information

Stage H                     Tender Action

Stage J                      Mobilisation 

Stage K                      Up to Practical Completion

Stage L                      After Practical Completion / Feedback

Stage M                      Sale & Marketing 

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