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Our Values & Culture 

· We aim to develop a multi-disciplinary organization 

· We oppose compromise, poor living and limited opportunities. 

· We aim to continuously raise the baseline for acceptable living. We believe that a decent working and leisure environment should be commonplace. 

· We strive to promote cost-effective and time-efficient work atmosphere where staff are encouraged to enhance their skill-set through regular training sessions. 

Our Operating Principles 

· delivering projects that meet the needs of the end user 

· achieving the most economic solutions within the cost plan 

· managing the uncertainties of price inflation 

· building an effective integrated team 

· seeking effective design and construction solutions by working with our supply chain partners 

· achieving cost certainty at the commencement of works by means of detailed design and contractor / client proposals 

· adopting an effective performance management approach 

· using experiences and knowledge to benefit the project 

· building strong relationships 

· carrying out regular reviews with an ability to give and receive feedback 

· applying reasoning and wisdom to key decisions 

· challenging traditional assumptions 

· encouraging transparent communication 

· aligning and agreeing the process for making decisions before moving into detailed project activities

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