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  • Which company am I dealing with – Dartwood UK Ltd OR Dartwood Ghana Ltd?
    You will be dealing with Dartwood UK, who have exclusive rights to market ALL Dartwood Ghana homes to UK buyers. This arrangement allows us to sign a UK Sale Agreement with you, receive payment into UK bank, thus giving you recourse under English law in the UK and providing you with a stress free experience in acquiring your new home.
  • How do I apply?
    Apply for the purchase of your home by completing our Booking Form online at – simply click on the “Book Now” button under “Property Sale” menu.
  • When can I move into my home?
    We will advise you of the handover date at the beginning of the transaction while preparing the Sale agreement. Generally, for customers making a one-off FULL payment within 3 months of booking, your property will be ready for occupation within 9 months of payment. For customers using Dartwood 4-year flexible payment plan, your property will be ready for occupation at the end of Year 3.
  • Which Estates can I choose from?
    There are 2 Estates currently available to choose from, one along Tema corridor and the other in Accra. Dartwood Savoy, Community 25 Tema Greater Accra Dartwood Springville Kweiman Oyarifa Greater Accra
  • What are the home types available for purchase and their asking prices?
    SAVOY: Studio 1-bed (combined Lounge) £27,000. SAVOY: Alpha 1-bed (separate Lounge) £33,000. SAVOY: Savoy 2-bed £47,200. SPRINGVILLE: Elite 2-bed semi £75,000. SPRINGVILLE: Elite 2-bed detached price on request. SPRINGVILLE: Grandville 3-bed detached £106,000. SPRINGVILLE: Richmond 4-bed detached price on request.
  • Are the home prices subject to change OR review?
    No, the home prices are fixed and you are assured of price certainty.
  • What about Service charge?
    Service charge are payable annually by ALL Home Owners with effect from handover date. This step ensures that the value of your home continues to appreciate, not only for the first few months, but over a long period, thus creating wealth for you and your family. Amount payable will normally be communicated to you at the time of signing the legal Sale agreement and this will depend on the type of home you are buying. As a guide, the average service charge is in the order of £40.00 per month.
  • Are there any hidden charges?
    No, there are no hidden charges.
  • What are the Floor areas for Savoy apartment home types?
    · Studio 1-bed (combined Lounge) 37sqm / 395sqft · Alpha 1-bed (separate Lounge) 47sqm / 506sqft · Vista 2-bed 87sqm / 937sqft
  • What are the Floor areas & Plot sizes for Springville home types?
    Elite 2-bed detached 86sqm / 926sqft 69ft x 50ft · Elite 2-bed semi 86sqm / 926sqft 69ft x 41ft · Grandville 3-bed detached 146sqm / 1,572sqft 69ft x 66ft · Richmond 4-bed detached 212sqm / 2,282sqft 80ft x 75ft
  • Is the property Leasehold or Freehold?
    The property is leasehold for 50 years, renewable for another 25 years at a peppercorn rate of £1 and on expiration for another 25 years.
  • How will Dartwood fund my home?
    Your home will be funded by a combination of (a) Developer’s equity contribution (b) Buyer’s contribution (c) Construction Loan from Dartwood’s preferred funders.
  • What fittings and fixtures will I be getting?
    Your home comes with Aluminium framed windows with fly net, Security entrance and rear doors, AC units in Living & Bedrooms, Fitted Kitchen, Water heater points in Kitchen and washrooms, Washing machine connection point, Floor tiles throughout, Wall tiles to washrooms, Ceiling fans to Living, Kitchen & all Bedrooms, Shower and WC fittings complete with cubicle. For further information, please contact us at 14 How can I verify the quality of my home
  • How can I verify the quality of my home?
    The environment and finishing of your Estate will be similar to the recently completed Oakview Estate Prampram by Dartwood. Visits to Oakview estate can be arranged by contacting us at
  • I’m buying for investment, how can Dartwood help me in achieving this?"
    We recommend that you appoint Property Point Ghana, our sister company who will act on your behalf in taking over your property, select appropriate furniture for you, let your property and remit annual rental income to you. Should you wish to take advantage of this service, please contact us at and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.
  • What type of returns should I be expecting on my investment?
    Based on 12.5% annual capital appreciation and 10% annual rent increment, we estimate an average ROI of 13% in Yr1 rising to 67% in Yr4. We project that the value of your home will double at the end of Year 6. DISCLAIMER: We have employed best professional practice in arriving at these projections which are subject to change in the event of unusual market economics which cannot be envisaged by us. Dartwood will NOT be held liable in circumstances where actual figures differ from projected.
  • When am I required to start making the monthly payments?
    You are required to start as soon as practically possible after payment of the 10% deposit. Specific date will be agreed with you and this will form part of the legal sale agreement.
  • Can I pay more than the required monthly amount?
    Yes, you can pay more than the required monthly amount. However, you may NOT pay less than the monthly amount as this may negatively impact on the agreed handover date for your home.
  • Is the interest rate on my MORTGAGE fixed or variable?
    Firstly, we are NOT offering you a mortgage as we are not a financial company. We only offer you the benefit of stage payment for your chosen home. For this reason, there are no interest rate(s) to worry about.
  • If I change my mind, OR unable to continue, will my money be refunded with interest?"
    No. We will however refund monies paid by you LESS our administrative charges as stipulated in the legal sale agreement to be signed with you.
  • What if Dartwood runs away with my money?
    · Dartwood is a registered company in the UK & Ghana. · You are legally protected by the Sale agreement giving you recourse under English law in the UK.
  • Can I change the specifications for my home?
    Yes, you can, subject to approval by our Technical team. All specification changes must be agreed before the signing of the Sale agreement. Please note that some changes may have financial implications. Please contact us at if you wish to pursue this option.
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